Piecemeal, 2023
A group show glamourising the work in progress.
PIECEMEAL is an exhibition centred around the glamourisation of the creative process. Here, we explore the nuances of 'unfinished' and 'finished' art, questioning what, and who gets to define these terms. 

This exhibition seeks to challenge the dynamics rooted in constant output, with an aim to foster a more harmonious and mindful creative process that accommodates the artists to produce their best works.
PIECEMEAL is an exhibition for the artist, as much as it is for the viewer. The aim is to create a space where artists can step back and reflect on their creative journey in its entirety; rather than fixating on individual and isolated pieces. A celebration of the entire process, and not just the final product.

Read Full Curators Statement here.

Curated by Lottie Mac
Assitant curator Sondliwe Pamisa 

Permanent Temporary, 2022
Co-curated the headline event for Southwark South Design District as part of London Design week.

The event featured an exhibition with over 100 artists and designers, a fashion show, workshops and live music and was in collaboration with Sumweekly, 948 and Pempeople.

Co-curated by Lottie Mac, Mattia Guarnera MacCarthy and Jules Bleckman.

Language and the Space In-between, 2021
A group research exhibtion exploring the power language posseses.

The 'Language and the Space In-between' research exhibition seeked to provide a space for artists featured to further explore the power language possesses by considering semiotics
and symbolic meanings as well as aesthetic
We consider what it is to be told,
to be confused, to be interpreted and to be
misunderstood. Some artists address
language by looking at the loss of their
mother tongue, reflecting on barriers within
language and their heritage and addressing
duality. There is also a strong use of literal
and visual poetry within the exhibition, as
the artists explore their relationship with
language, reading, words and the world
around us. They consider the ways in which
words can be used and manipulated. 

This exhibition intends to be used as a source of inspiration and should elicit conversation
surrounding the topic. It is hoped that
viewers will share an appreciation for the
beauty of the common word, as well as the
forms of communication we cannot
immediately see.

Curated by Lottie Mac
Assistant Curator Georgia Williams

Comfy, 2019
A group show exploring the notion of comfort.

COMFY the exhibtion was intended to be more than paintings on a wall. It is an energy surrounding viewers as they entered the exhibition made possible through the relaxed, non-white cube setting, DJ sets playing curated music including the genres RnB, soul and Hip-hop as well as the art pieces themselves addressing different areas of comfort within people's lives, allowing all viewers to relate to at very least one piece directly.

Divergence, 2019
16 young female artists, 1 exhibition, 2 weekends. In aid of Solace Womens Aid

A group show empowering young female identifying artits and raising money & awareness for Solace Womens Aid, a charity that helps women and children who have experienced domestic violence and abuse. 16 young female artists, most of whom it’s their first time exhibiting outside of education and 3 female DJs providing the vibes.

Curated by Lottie Mac
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