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Lottie Mac is an artist, curator and Facilitator. 

Viewing curation as one of her artistic mediums, the practice is driven by a fascination of space and a passion for developing and uplifting other creatives through exhibitions and artistic events. 

Lottie’s practice as an interdisciplinary artist considers the fluidity of language and fonts. Mac plays with silence and that which is said and also unsaid. Fluidity in visual form is echoed in the changeability of meaning and intention in language reflected in her practice. Exploring ways of communication and providing moments of reflection are crucial to Mac. Lottie’s practice is responsive, responding to feeling, music, and environment, and this is too seen in the materials used. 

Physical movement in making is critical to Lottie’s practice, as seen through her large-scale Tufting, expressive paintings, and sculptures. The importance of phsyical movement is echoed in Lottie’s relationship with jazz music, this being seen through her most expressive painting series which are visual and phsyical embodiments and responses to jazz music. 

While being an immensely personal practice, Lottie's work is also responsive to socio-political connections to language. The exploration of the Irish language and its relationship to English, through the loss of mother tongue, is reminiscent of the loss of articulation and visual form in the words seen in Lottie’s practice. 

Artist CV

Group Shows:

Piecemeal, 2023.
Livesey Exchange. 

The Moments Tender, 2023.
201 Hackney Road.

Voices, 2023.
Camden Arts Centre.

Permanent Temporary, 2022.
Southwark Design Festival. 

Sitting with it, July 2021.
University of Leeds, Fine Art Building.

International Women's Month Exhibition, Adidas x Creative Debuts, March 2021.
Adidas Store, London.

Language and the Space In-between, December 2021.
Project Space, University of Leeds.

Unprecedented Circumstances, September 2021.
Project Space, University of Leeds.

Mega, Mega, September 2021.

Clump, March 2020.
Yorkshire House, Leeds.

Comfy, December 2019.
Open Source Arts, Leeds.

Divergence, August 2019.
Goodness Brewery, London.
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